Mustang Pride Pledge:
We have Mustang Pride...
Pause and think
be Respectful
I will be honest
Do the right thing
and Encourage others
at Northwest Elementary

7 Habits of a Happy Camper
Our class will be working on meeting the 7 Habits each and every day.

The 7 Habits are inspired by Stephen Covey's 7 Habits of Happy Kid; and promotes a lifestyle
of habits rather than a set of rules. Please help your child develop these habits at home by
helping them be problem solvers and leaders in any way possible.

1. Be Proactive- be in charge of yourself and your actions
2. Begin With the End in Mind- set goals and a plan to achieve them
3. Put First Things First- work first, play after
4. Think Win-Win- consider how you can make everyone happy
5. Seek First to Understand, then to be Understood- be a good listener to others ideas
6. Synergize- work as a team! Together is better!
7. Sharpen the Saw- Enjoy your hobbies, take care of your mind, body, and soul, and stay

Clip Chart Behavior

Our class has a clothes pin clip chart to track student behavior choices each day. Students will
all start on Ready to Learn located in the middle of the chart each day. Positive choices will
result in individual students being able to clip their pin up on the chart. Poor behavior choices
will result in students having to clip their pin down on the chart.
Class Dojo Behavior

We will be using Class Dojo this year.  There will be instructions sent on how to download the app. The app will notify you when your child gains or loses points depending on their behavior. Please refer to our Class Dojo Behavior sheet for more information.

Mustang Pride Drawings

The class as a whole can earn mustang pride slips of encouragement for good behavior. If
another staff member notices our class doing well, they may give the class a mustang pride slip
which then goes onto a poster until we reach 10 mustang cards! The class will receive a reward after 10 mustangs are earned.