Student Services

Welcome to the School Counselor's Page
The counselor is here to help you and your children by talking to them about anything that is going on.
The counselor at Northwest teaches guidance classes, small groups (guidance lessons with a smaller group) and talks to parents and students about a variety of topics.  Some reasons a student may talk to a counselor include family changes, a problem at school, or friend issues.  Students may refer themselves, or be referred by a parent or teacher.
Although we cannot fix problems, we can listen, talk, and work together to find things that help.  To talk with the counselor, you can email [email protected], or contact the school at 336-764-0360 and ask to speak with Mariah Mitchell.
The Counselor wears many hats. You may also hear from them because of one of these tasks they do.
*504 Coordinator
*PST member
*Green Team Leader
*SIT team member
Mariah Mitchell
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