Grading Scale
​90-100  A
80-89   B
70-79   C
60-69   D
58 or lower  F
Grading Weights
ELA and Math: Grades in English Language Arts and Math will be
divided into two categories:

Major Assignments- make up 60% of the final average
 (Tests, Projects, Quizzes, Writing Assignments, etc.)
 Minor Assignments- make up 40% of the final average
 (Classwork, Homework, Participation)

Science and Social Studies: Science and social studies grades are all averaged together equally. Each science or social studies test will be entered as two grades (count twice) for that subject.

Powerschool Parent Portal

Powerschool Parent Portal will be your ideal way to keep track of your child's grades. The parent portal will allow you access to the graded assignments and your child's average at any time. Grades will be entered in the Powerschool Gradebook within 10 school days of the assignment.
CAMP Binder (Campers Are Making Progress)
Data Notebooks

Students will keep a data notebook of all their graded assignments throughout the year. Graded papers will be returned to students each Monday. Students will record the assignment and score on a Data Notebook Assignment Record Sheet. When students get papers returned, they will place the graded assignments into the appropriate quarter (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th) area section in their binder.

Students will bring their data notebook home with them on Monday and are expected to return it by Tuesday. Graded papers should STAY in the binder. Please take time on Monday night to review the assignments and initial the Data Notebook Record Sheet.
 This will indicate that you have reviewed the assignments with your child.
Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about an assignment.
S'MORE Paper Folder

Each Friday your child will bring home this folder. In this folder

you will find a lot of informative paperwork! Examples of what you

will see are reviewed homework assignments,

classwork practices (not graded, simply checked and reviewed) ,

and important documents from our PTO or Office Staff. Please

remove all of the papers that are contained within this folder and

leave them all at home. Thank you for signing, commenting, and

returning your S’MORE FOLDER back to school by Monday.

Late Work

Absences: If a student is absent, they will return to school with a While You Were
Out assignment page on his or her desk. This page will be your child's checklist for
the missed assignments that need to be made up. I will go over these assignments
upon your child's return to school. Student scores will not be penalized for being late
due to an absence.

Failure to Turn In an Assignment: If a student has failed to submit an assignment
on time, he or she is still expected to complete the assignment and turn it in late. There
will be a 5 point penalty for each day the assignment is late until the score reaches a
50%. If students fail to turn in an assignment before the end of the quarter, it will
result in a score of a ZERO.

Missing Assignments: If your child is missing an assignment (classwork or
homework), he or she may submit it late for partial credit. I will not make additional
copies of assignments if your child has lost his/her original assignment page. This takes
time and resources and we are working on building responsibility before middle school!

Missing Assignment Reports: may be printed out periodically and students may be
reminded when work is not turned in. Please also keep up with assignments missing
assignments on the Power School Parent Portal.


Homework will be graded based on participation. Students will receive a 100% for a
homework assignment when it is fully completed and turned in on time. There will be a
penalty of 5 points per day if turned in late (up to a 60%). If the work is incomplete the
day it is due, students will be asked to complete the assignment fully and points will be
deducted for a late submission.