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Classroom Policies

Ms. Troutman’s Classroom Policies

Behavior Management

Our class behavior management system will be a clip chart. Below is an example of our clip chart.

Pink- outstanding

Purple- great choices

Blue- good choices

Green- ready to learn

Yellow- warning

Orange- consequence

Red- parent contact

Students will color their color in their agendas at the end of each day. Please check your students color every night and sign or initial their agendas. Students who ended the day on orange or red will receive a note explaining their behavior. Students who ended the day on pink will get to go to the prize box! Please talk to you child each night about their behavior, congratulating a good color and discussing how they can improve on a bad color.

Snack, Parties, and Lunch

We will have snack around 9:30 each day. Your child may bring water (both disposable and non-disposable bottles are fine) and a snack. Candy is not an acceptable snack.


We will have 2 class parties this school year: our Holiday Party (December) and our End of Year Celebration (June).

If your child has a birthday that you would like to celebrate, you may bring/send a treat for the class to enjoy, but this will only be enjoyed for 15-20 minutes as to not interrupt our daily schedule too much. Per DCS policy, we cannot enjoy treats until after all students in the school have eaten lunch (around 1:00pm). Please plan accordingly. All treats must be store-bought.

Lunch is from 12:25 to 12:55 . Please join us whenever you’d like!


Homework will be expected to be completed Monday-Thursday nights. Your child will receive a homework packet on Monday. The packet is to be turned in on Friday. Your child will have math, spelling, and reading homework each night. It is also expected that you sign their spelling log stating what activity they completed for spelling each night as well as their reading log verifying what they read that night.


Your child’s homework packet will be in their S.T.A.R. notebook along with any other forms/papers you may need to see. You will see a pocket that says “keep at home”. This pocket may have information, papers, class work, etc for you to take out and keep. You will see another pocket that says “return to school”. This pocket may have forms, permission slips, graded work for you to initial, etc. It’s important that you look over those items and return as soon as possible.


Inside the S.T.A.R. notebook, you will also find our monthly newsletter with information, upcoming units, and important dates. You will also find our class schedule and agendas. This is where you can write me notes as well.


Your child’s safety is my highest priority. It is important that you understand the school’s policy on matters such as checking students out early, and changing transportation. Anyone who is allowed to pick your child up from school MUST be on their pick up sheet. You will fill this out at the beginning of the year. If there is someone who may NOT pick up your child, please let me and the office know ASAP. Please bring your ID with you to pick up your child.


Transportation changes cannot be made through ME during the day. Transportation changes are not allowed to be made during the day on the phone, but if it is an emergency, call the office to speak with an administrator. Emailing me IS NOT ALLOWED! Please understand this is for your child’s safety!



I will be available for conferences most afternoons from 3:00-4:00. Conferences have to be set up prior to the day of per appointment. Email me! We will find a time that fits both of our schedules!

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me ANYTIME. The best way to communicate with me is through email because I can access it during downtimes or breaks during the day. I will respond by the end of the day in most circumstances. You may also call and leave a message on my school voicemail and I will call you back as soon as I can.


Phone: (336)764-0360

Email: [email protected]