Sara Dunn » Class and Grading Info

Class and Grading Info

Grading scale

A  100-90

B  89-80

C  79-70

D  69-60

F  <60

Math and ELA:

At least 3 Major grades (60%) and 6 Minor grades (40%)



At least 2 Major grades (60%) and 4 Minor grades (40%)

Social Studies:

At least 4 minor grades

**Grades are updated regularly in PowerSchool. Please be sure you check grades regularly there! Please let me know if you need access information.


Lunch/Snack info

Breakfast is $1.50

Lunch is $2.75


Menus can be found here - Monthly Menus


Students may bring a water bottle with a lid that closes, and a healthy snack. Water will be stored by bookbags (not on desks). We will have a “working” snack around 9:00am.



  • 2 Class Parties (Dec and End of Year)
  • Homework - Students should not spend more than 40 min per night on homework. They have a weekly math homework sheet with a few problems per night to review (we check each morning, and they have a quiz each Friday based on these problems). If there is a problem they are struggling with please just sign/initial it so I'll know they need more support with that concept (and they'll get credit for attempting it). Students should also read 20 min each night. Please encourage this at home and discuss the books your child is reading with them!


  • Parent Involvement - I love to include parents in the classroom! Please reach out if you are interested in helping, and I will also keep parents in the loop about opportunities as they come available!