First Grade Supply List

First Grade’s Supply List 2016-17 large zippered flat pencil bag (canvas/cloth - NOT plastic)
child’s pair of scissors (name on it)
#2 yellow pencils - sharpened - no designs please (1 pack)
small glue sticks - no purple please
box of crayons - no more than 24 please
1 plastic blue folder - 2 pockets, no fasteners
Box of Huggies baby wipes
Box of Kleenex
1 pack of wide ruled notebook paper
1 spiral bound (wide ruled) notebook - 1 subject
headphones (no earbuds please)
fine point thin dry erase markers (2)
Mead K-2 Primary Writing Journal
*Boys- one pack of copy paper
*Girls- 1 pack of skinny Crayola Washable Markers
* Treasure Box Treats/Toys/candy
If you would like to donate for the class:
box of gallon ziplock baggies with sliders
box of sandwich Ziploc baggies
paper towels
post-it notes First Grade Supply List 16_17.pdf